Attention: Coaches and Consultants:

7x Your Impact & Your Profits
Over The Next Year
Without Having To Do
Any Extra Work

Are you trying to figure out 
how to grow your business next year 
but don't have time to waste
and don't want to jeopardize 
your existing business?

Do you need more money 
but can't or won't 
collect any more 
from your current clients?

Would you like someone 
to just send you pre-qualifed clients
(not leads, actual clients)
that totally match the profile 
you dream about?

Deb found herself 
in the same situation
and struggled to know what to do
as everything she looked at
wanted to take up 
a lot more of her time
and a lot more of her money.

Then, she found the answer 
by taking a step back,
looking at the bigger picture,
and seeing that she could combine 
3 different options
and solve the problem.

The 3 options were: 
refocusing, repurposing, 
and outsourcing.

Refocusing on a different market:

Deb realized that she could 
make a lot more money
if the content she had already,
was marketed to a completely different
target market than the one 
she was currently serving.

She also saw 
that there were 
a few other markets
beyond even that one
each successively bigger
and potentially more profitable 
than the others.

Each of those other markets,
really needed her stuff
and if she was able to tap them
her influence and impadct 
would really grow.

This was quite exciting!

However, those new markets would want 
the content in different forms.
Thus, she needed to repurpose her content.

She did not have time for this though,
and did not want to lose the clients 
she already had while chasing 
the rainbows of these new markets.

So she decided to outsource 
the refocusing and repurposing.

She would let someone else 
take some of her ideas,
turn them into 
new products and services,
and then go market 
and sell them for her.

Ahh what a relief
that would be!

If only she could find 
the right people to trust.

No extra work for her
she lets someone else 
handle it all.

Someone with a vested interest 
in her success.

Deb would collect a royalty 
on everything they sold,
and she would be free to concentrate
on doing what she did best.

If the outsourcers succeeded, 
she would win 
without having to do 
anything different herself.

If they failed, 
she still had her existing clients 
and wouldn't really lose anything.

So either way,
she came out ahead.

You don't have to 
look for someone as Deb did,
We at ExpandoVision, Inc.
can do all the refocusing
and repurposing for you 
as your competent outsourced team.

And we'll prove it to you 
by giving you 
our "Roadmap to Success"
for free up front.

You can see ahead of time
how we plan to grow
your business, influence, and profits
7 times or more
over the next year
without you needing to do 
anything more than answer 
a few questions 
in an initial interview.

We can take ideas and content 
you already have,
repurpose them,
and sell them 
to whole new markets 
for you.

And we can do it quickly
because we have 
a semi-automated system,
and professional team
to take care of the details.

You don't have to 
do any extra work,
we do it all for you.

We do the reformatting,
the marketing,
the sales,
new customer follow up 
and service.
We handle delivery,
quality control,
tech support,
and everything else.

The products and services 
we create for you
have to be excellent
because we want repeat customers.

See, we make most of our money 
on the back end
from sales of quality products 
with your content
to new and happy customers
so you get to just relax
and watch your influence grow
as the royalties roll in.

Plus, on the "Thank You" page
for every product 
or service we sell
and in the follow up sequences
we can put ads 
for your existing business
and send you new 
pre-qualified clients.

We can even run those folks 
through an application process
for you,
so you only get the best,
again without having 
to do any extra work. 

So, if you really do want to 
multiply your impact, 
grow your profits,
and enjoy life more,
then click here to 
get a free roadmap 
of just how all this goes
and what we can do for you.

You can also contact me if you have any questions. Donald Kubelka 1(970) 444-2447 or Hope to see you on the inside. Have a very profitable day!